Online Data Collection and Management

Online Data Collection and Management (oDCM)

Use web scraping and APIs to collect data for your empirical research project

Tilburg University, Block 3, Course 328060-M-3, 2020/2021 (February - April 2021)

Instructor: dr. Hannes Datta

Learn how to mine the web

Welcome to the course website of oDCM. This course teaches you the nuts and bolts about collecting data from the web. Unlike most other courses on this topic, this course not only teaches you the technicalities of using web scraping and Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs), but also introduces a comprehensive framework that helps you to think about scraping - specifically with regard to its application in academic marketing research.

This website

This website is the backbone of the course.

  • The course section holds a list of weekly modules, consisting of live streams, self-study material, and activities.

  • The tutorial section offers a workflow for collecting online data, and self-guided Jupyter Notebooks that teach the basics of data retrieval via web scraping and APIs. Use these to start your own scraping projects!

  • Finally, the example section offers links to publicly available data collection projects, which you can use as an inspiration.

Enroll in this class

  • Head over to the course syllabus for all the details. The course offers seats to Research Master and PhD students from outside of Tilburg University. Even if you’re not enrolled in this course, you can use our material! However, interaction with the course instructor is reserved to enrolled students.

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