Web scraping and APIs have become one of the most important data collection methods in academic (marketing) research. While you can find tons of resources online on how to scrape, or how to access data from APIs, none of these tutorials will actually teach you how the way you scrape affects your research. This is the void we will.

We’ve used web scraping and APIs in our research for more than 10 years. And we’re (finally) ready to pass on the knowledge to you. Even if you’re not enrolled in our class, you can make use of our material.

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Instructors and Creators

The course is coordinated and instructed by Hannes Datta. Course material, if not indicated otherwise, has been developed by Hannes Datta and Roy Klaasse Bos from Tilburg University.


In developing this course, we have borrowed from some of the finest (open) content on the web, among others:

Open Science

This course adheres to the principles of the Open Science Community of Tilburg University. This initiative advocates for transparency and accessibility in research and teaching to all levels of society and thus creating more accountability and impact.


This course is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. In other words, you’re invited to contribute to it, or even copy and modify it to suit your needs.

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