To get an idea of how students of previous editions of this course thought of it, we included some of the main points mentioned in the course evaluation by them below.

About the course

  • This course has significantly improved my coding skills. Hannes took the time to look at our code in multiple coaching sessions. He was also always available through Whatsapp etc. I also appreciate his effort in making pulse (a website tracking your progress). The example code in Google Colab was also beneficial. Also, Hannes is a very inspiring teacher who really encouraged us to go the extra mile.

  • It is relevant, and the content is closely linked to what is expected later on in the program. This fit makes the course, in my opinion, an excellent fit with marketing analytics, and it is very useful later in life, compared to other classes that entirely focus on theoretical learning.

  • I was positively surprised that Tilburg University teaches scraping skills. I’ve never heard of any other university teaching that. It’s also forward-thinking: these skills will be helpful in the future. I’d never started learning scraping on my own because I always thought it was very complicated, but it turned out to be doable. Pulse is an excellent addition to the course since there isn’t a book that would teach us that. Team consults were helpful with solving the code issues. I like that the teacher is passionate about what he teaches.

  • Pretty cool skills I obtained from this class. I couldn’t imagine I would know how to scrape data online.

  • Truly, one of the best courses I have taken in all my years at Tilburg University. It’s super refreshing, it’s new, it’s modern, it’s not a model that hasn’t been refined since decades… Prior to the course I was a bit wary of Python due to previous traumas from earlier assignments in my bachelor that rested on a very inadequate knowledge of Python, but this course has definitely helped get me over it. I will definitely use the skills I have learned in this course for life.

  • This course has opened new perspectives for me and now I am eager to try my own projects. I really feel that what I have learned is useful. I felt inspired by the teacher and I really enjoyed listening to him. I wish there was more time to learn things from him.

About the team project and tutorials

  • I really liked the setup of this course. Figuring out what to do for the project really inspired and motivated everyone to do their best.

  • The structure was really nice. The assignments and tutorials aligned very well with the project. It was nice to put things into practice.

  • The course has clear objectives and is a great introduction to data collection with scraping and APIs. With Google Colab, I could access structured assignments to prepare and get familiar with the material.

  • Collecting web data seems like a straightforward process, but during the course you realize there are a lot of things you have to look out for if you want to do it right. I think the methods in this course give a good understanding on how to get there, which feels super useful!

  • The teaching style was impeccable. Every single question was promptly answered by the professor who was always present and supportive. The humor used during class made everything more fun and enjoyable.