Week 1) Getting started

Week 1: Getting started with Python and web data

Kick-starting your week

Opening lecture and Python bootcamp

Laptop required!

Downloading to and starting the tutorial on your computer

  • Right-click on the download link and select “download linked file as…)".
  • Move the file to a convenient file location (e.g., somewhere in your course folder)
  • If the downloaded file is a .zip (compressed) file, unzip it.
  • Open Jupyter Notebook (e.g., using the terminal or the Anaconda Navigator), navigate to the folder where you stored the downloaded files, and open the .ipynb file from within Jupyter Notebook.
  • Start with the tutorial!

Self-study and activities

  • Work through the in-class tutorial at your own pace
  • Deepen your understanding of basic programming concepts by completing a tutorial on Datacamp.com (about 3 hours; work on the first three chapters only)
Obtain access to Premium Content at Datacamp.com

We use material provided by Datacamp.com that otherwise is only available via paid premium subscriptions. Students can use this material with their @tilburguniversity.edu account for free.

Learn here how to log in to unlock the content!

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