Team Project

Team Project

Overview and project goal

Collecting data via web scraping and APIs requires practice. Together with your team members, you plan and execute an online data collection throughout the course by closely following the recommendations in “Fields of Gold”.

At the end of the course, you will submit your collected data, code, and a documentation.

The focus lies on completing an entire data collection project. Keep each stage of your project manageable and feasible. Your project will ultimately be written up as a proper data documentation, following this paper and corresponding template download. Head over to the grading details to find out more!

Getting started

Workplan, deliverables and coaching Grading requirements Past projects Tips and examples

Team composition

  • 4-5 students per team
  • you need to subscribe to a team yourself (be present in the live streams for that; registration on Canvas!)
  • we recommend teams to have at least one-two students with coding expertise in Python on their team

Deadline and submission