Past projects

Projects from previous editions

To give you an idea of what a good project could look like, we published some of the projects from the previous course editions. Feel free to check these out and get inspired by them for your own team project!

Web scraping

  • Scraping reviews about KLM (airlines) - Click here!
  • Scraping data about popular beers from the Untappd website - Click here!
  • Scraping user data from the Goodreads website - Click here!
  • Scraping data about second-hand clothing from Zalando - Click here!


  • Using the Reddit and WallStreetBets APIs to collect data that can be used to measure its impact on stock prices - Click here!
  • Collecting software available for sale using Steam’s API - Click here!

Archive of past projects

Each year, we archive the best projects (typically graded 7.5 and higher) to showcase good examples from previous editions. These datasets and accompanying documentation are archived at Zenodo, an online repository for datasets.