Activity 2) Data Source Selection

Activity #2: Data source selection


  • Type: Meetup with your team during the coaching session
  • Goal: building on activity #1 and the received feedback, refine your data context and make a final selection for your data source

Preparation before the activity

  • Work through the “Fields of Gold” paper (at least up to challenge #1.3). Make use of the relevant tables in the paper as you work on this activity.


During the coaching session, work on a document that you submit on Canvas as a PDF file, containing your team number and three sections:

  • Section 1: Updated motivation of your data context (why do you think it’s important?!), and explanation which four pathways are being addressed [100 words]
  • Section 2: An updated list of data sources (including links) that you are considering to use, explicitly mention web scraping vs. APIs for each source. Explain how you addressed challenges #1.1-#1.2, leading to your selected data source [About 10 sources + explanation of max. 250 words]
  • Section 3: Mapping the data context, as explained in challenge #1.3 [max. 300 words]

The document is due at the end of the week.

Solicit feedback on your ideas from your coach during the coaching session.

Done early? Then start prototyping your data collection (i.e., prepare for activity #3).