Activity 3) Extraction Design

Activity #3: Extraction Design


  • Type: Meetup with your team during the coaching session
  • Goal: prepare team presentation with screen shots from the website/API that illustrate the design choices
  • Presentation specifics
    • please target a presentation time of 3 minutes per team (+ 2 minutes discussion)
    • please pick one person to present; others can contribute in the discussion

Preparation before the activity


During the coaching session, start preparing a presentation, covering

  • Title page: Team number & brief description of (updated) motivation for data context
  • Slide 1: Which information to extract from which pages/endpoints? (Challenge #2.1)
  • Slide 2: Which seeds to use as a starting point of the data collection? (Challenge #2.2)
  • Slide 3: At which frequency to extract information (Challenge #2.3)
    • please include a calculation of your study’s feasible sample size.
  • Slide 4: How to process the information during the extraction? (Challenge #2.4)

Throughout, provide details on how your extraction design balances technical feasibility and exposure to potential legal and ethical risks (cf. Table 3 in “Fields of Gold”).

  • Please include the calculation of your study’s feasible sample size in a separate Excel sheet.

  • Please upload the presentation (as a PDF) and Excel sheet (as an Excel file) in one zip file, at the latest a day before the presentation sessions (see schedule).

Throughout the coaching session, please solicit the feedback of your coach.